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June 15, 2005


Chris Flanders

Welcome home! The Dark Side is indeed enticing but being one of the children of light is richly rewarding.


Congrats! So...the question all of us freaks want to know is "What did you get?!?" Personally, I've stayed on the low end (an eMac and a mini at home, an eMac at work). I'd love to move to the upper echelons though!

As long as you're getting acquainted with it, check out http://teammacosx.com. We're a Folding@Home team through Stanford University helping in the effort to battle Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, etc. Oh, and we do welcome computers from the Dark Side as well, so check it out (I'm running it on all of the HP's in my office as well as my Macs)! The results are actually pretty amazing, and there is apparently a new treatment for Parkinson's in the early stages of testing that is a direct result of Stanford's efforts. (Stanford's site is: http://folding.stanford.edu) If you poke into the forums, I'm there under 'treadlightly.'


it feels good to leave the desert, doesn't it?


I thought you were going to say you joined the Episcopal Church.



I have both...I claim it's because I'm a "tech guy"...yeah.


Congratulations! You will never go back.


You know you will get called names and your wisdom, judgement and beliefs will be questioned but fight the good fight. You are now on the winning team.

+ Alan

mmmmmmm - fresh air. Welcome to the sunny side of the street. Peace.



This is the "sunny side of the street". I bought my iBook about two years ago and have never looked back.

Andrew Northern

Welcome to the light side of the force! I'm a diehard Mac user of 2 years. Wouldn't think of turning back. Give us the scoop on your new hotrod?

Existential Punk

Welcome! You won't regret "making a decision for Macs/Apple and receiving it into your heart!". HeeeeHeeeeee. It's just "good theology!". LOL!

Sarah Dylan Breuer

Congratulations! You definitely won't regret this. I once got a PC because it was free (yes -- a brand-new mid-range PC for free), and I found that it was STILL not worth the aggravation of viruses, crashes, incompatibility between all of the various cards and add-ons required to make it do what a Mac just DOES ...

Good stuff. Enjoy it!


doug pagitt

Welcome to the kingdom of God.
Get an isight and get on icaht, then get into video blogging with ICam share

Ryan Bolger

wow! I have never received so much response on a post -- and what a welcome and encouragement from my newfound community!

Rick, I wrote about this in conversion terms because I see it as much bigger than changing churches (during the time I owned my PC, I have served in maybe 5 types of churches, representing as many denominations...) :)

Doug, Will, I will order the Isight, and ICam Share...and check out video blogging as you say...

For you techies - it is a 17" Powerbook G4:
17-inch TFT Display
1440x900 resolution
1.67GHz PowerPC G4
100GB Hard Drive
ATI Mobility Radeon
9700 (128 MB DDR)
Backlit keyboard
Gigabit Ethernet
FireWire 400 & 800
Digital/analog audio
DVI & S-Video out
Dual link DVI


Mercy, Ryan, I was going to congratulate you on switching — but a 17-inch PB? That’s a dream! (Bit to lug around, but I wouldn’t complain if I had the chance.)

So, any openings at Fuller?

Tim Jeffries

Good work Ryan. I've been reading your blog for a while, it's a good read, thanks.

I've just bought my second mac. Similar specs to yours but the 15" as I want to be able to ride with mine in a backpack. They're great machines, enjoy.


Ah, after 20 years, my friend, you have finally seen the light.


Your life will never be the same.


Ryan Bolger

It's been really fun -- some things are still awkward (I miss my right button click) but I think I will get the swing of things soon...

Tomas== hey, I was only in the dark for 15, not 20...

Akma -- yes, it is a bit of a lug, but not near as heavy as my dell 14" was...

+ Alan

AaaAAAaaahh, Logitech mouse one can get, yeEEeess, and right clicking you will once again beee.



I must say I am proud of the switch you made to the mac. I have appreciated your blog and the conversations you offer. I was hoping to take you Macro class this quarter, but it is during the day, and I now work full time in Academic Advising. Of course, I was sad to see that the U2 class is in the afternoon. Oh well, thanks again.

David Starr

I must confess that ever since Apple sterted using Linux as an operating system and Intel processors, I made the decision to purchase a MAC for my next notebook. BTW, I started using PCs in 1983.

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