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September 16, 2008


Ernesto Tinajero

I graduated from Fuller right as the Brehm Center was starting. My wife just finished her PhD in New Testament. (She, sadly was the last student under Dr. David Scholer) I have been interested in the emerging church, and this post got me to think about the nature of worship. Transforming worship has to be grounded in a particular manner. Behind the usual debates about traditional vs new forms of worship (A debate older than the emerging church) stands a question of imagination. What fires an imagination to direct itself to God? Many times the Culture of New (what is new is the good) fights the Culture of Tradition (What has been handed down) And yet your last question of deep participation gets lost in the debate. The question of students who want to change what they see is too fixed or not wanting to change, also speaks to their own sense of stunted imagination. Transformation begins in except what is there.

ryan bolger

Great comment -- couldn't agree more.

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