About the Class (MP520f05)

  • In this course, students map the macro structures of contemporary culture globally. Students examine the environment, population concerns, health issues, technology, media, popular culture, sexual identities, war/violence, economics, and race/ethnicity. Students focus on both Western and non-Western communities and their engagement of these “powers”. Students examine those communities that seek transformation within the rubric of Jesus and the reign of God.

So What? Why this course (MP520f05)?

  • In this course, students create a wiki resource to serve those communities who desire to live like Jesus in the Twenty-first century. "A Response to Social Problems for Jesus-followers" describes the world's most acute social problems (see topics of the project teams on the right panel), briefly explains some of their causes, why those who call themselves Christians should be involved, and suggests responses based on biblical, historical and current examples. Our hope is that these resources will aide communities to embody the way of Jesus in global contexts.

Other Things to Know

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