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May 26, 2005



Well said Ryan. I'm glad that there is a common passion that both groups brought to the discussion. That is promising.

Also, I like what you said about the issue of investing our "energy [to put] on the show." In the previous version of my church, the whole week was dedicated to preparing for the upcoming weekend worship event. In the evolving version, we are starting to realize that Sunday is the FIRST day of the week. So, the church gathered for worship and the word on Sunday is (in part) remembering the past week, but preparing for the next. It's a simple shift in thinking, but an important one for us.

Thanks for responding to my request. And hey -- I don't mind the long blog entries. Your thoughts are Carson's book were great!

andrew jones

good post, despite a shameless plug for your book!

ryan bolger

oops! no more shameless plugs!! mea culpa...

John Sloas


Welcome to blogging! I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

Shameless plugs are great and should be encouraged—(Doug Pagitt has made an art form of it).

I agree about the service thing. I'm experiencing this with our church-within-a church/young adult/emergent thing at University Pres in Fresno. We are doing a Sunday night service that I don't see as really working. The expectations of most of those who come is for a "tweaked" service. I desire to be, as you say, a “sent people” who are living in the way of Jesus in the culture. A group of us are talking about co-housing as a way of living this out. I get more excited about living in this way than about a “service” (though it is hard to make a living at this form of church—it doesn’t justify all the money I spent on a seminary education). Oh, well.

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