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May 28, 2005


Paul Roberts

Your closing words: "No bad people, no bad parts of town, and no bad times, just those areas waiting/groaning for redemption...to be transformed...to connect with God..." have an interesting reflexive corrollory: ie. that 'church' space is also an area waiting to be redeemed too. This means we accept no boundaries to the redemptive action of God - ie. God's all over the place. The trick is to have the eyes of the Spirit of Jesus, and see what God is doing wherever we might be.

However, there's a bit of a paradox going on here, because also I detect that more than a few of us are looking for 'poustina' kind of space within the wider context. The interesting part about this is that this concept of holy space is non-people-dependent; ie. it's open to everyone, but nevertheless intentionally dedicated to God. So I quite like the idea of actions, art and architecture subliminally naming God in the wider community, but not calling it 'church', and keeping the idea of 'church' to a network which is Jesus- focussed, but not doctrine-, or practice-bounded. (You know, the fuzzy set idea.)

steve collins

seems we are all thinking alike here...

good job since i manage his site ;)



thanks for the link.

I see the whole private/public, visible/invisible, sacred/secular dualism played out all too often. (unfortunately much of where I see it is in the mirror)
Not to remove the individual's responsibility but I believe the church's acceptance and in some cases furtherance of this dualism, has legitimized it in the individual.
It has become the norm to have a work life, a home life, a civic life, a church life, etc. So the dualism that separates the sacred from the secular further fragments the holistic life I believe God intended for us.

But now I am rambling...
peace and prayers. TK



This really resonates with me... it seems that Steve is right, we are thinking alike... even in Canada.

Our two year old church community is currently launching a "third place" type cafe in the urban centre of Hamilton, ON: http://www.frwy.ca



I like this "The rallying cry of Emerging Churches is Psalm 24:1 (I heard this all over England), 'the earth is the lords'. No bad people, no bad parts of town, and no bad times, just those areas waiting/groaning for redemption...to be transformed...to connect with God..." Well said!

Ryan Bolger

Pernell, Steve,
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