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August 11, 2005


Kevin Tracy

After spending 6 years as a missionary in Lima, Peru, we saw the emergent growing slowly and with a Spanish flavor. Although churches led by North Americans tend to lean decidedly towards the traditional, keep you eyes open for the few young Latino leaders that, like many here, have grown frustrated with the traditional church. If there are no books, just give them an example to build from, not too much, or it may become an absolute model, but enough keys to get started.
The Spanish chuch in Latin America is incredibly resiliant and resourceful; they have the cultural roots for it in men like Che. You're right we need to learn from them. But don't cut them off from the chance to grow in the process.


we (ys) just released a youth ministry book about emerging generations, by junior zapata of guatemala. junior has been a friend of the ec for years and believes there are clearly latin parallels. i can't remember the title, but i'm sure you could find it from his name (It's published by vida/zondervan).


I have young leader friends in Nicaragua (my country of origin) that may know about Zapata's book called "Generacion Emergente". Hope they have some ideas for you. Great question. When ever you're ready to go to Central America to see how God is at work in Emergent Latin, I'll go with you and show you around.


Pastor Bloger,

My name is Mauricio Manzanarez, a youth leader in Managua, Nicaragua. The book that David Trigueros recommended, "La generación emergente" is a great sample of what the leaders have to learn to deal with when working with the emerging church in Latin America, specially when working with youth. I warn you, this is a book that won´t like to those people that have made of the tradition their religion, to those whom consider more the institutions better than the relationships, so, if you want to open your mind to fresh ideas, go for it!. I am reading it right now and it encourages me to keep doing my work in God´s Kingdom, even if I have to jump over some "sacred cows".


I think there are some kinds of books that would be more helpful than others. Books that focus on the practicalities of the emerging church in a specific culture would be far less helpful than books that focus on missional ecclesiology and leave the practical outworkings to the individual practioners (for example, it seems to me that The Shaping of the Things to Come would be a good one for any language/culture, in that it seeks to develop a missional ecclesiology than then could be incarnated into any culture).

ryan bolger

Thanks everyone for the great tips. I will look for "La generacion emergente", thanks David for the invite!


give them what they've asked for

Ryan Bolger

Thanks Rudy...


"Emergent" is a mindset, more than anything else. I think translating some of the books that talk more about reaching the generations, creating new forms of church, and missional communities would be beneficial in any language. Books that are more how-to manual, focused on creating edgier or artsier or whatever-ier services would not be as relevant.

David Ramos


Brian McLaren has spoke to me highly about "La Red de el Camino" in Brazil headed by Rene Padilla. I am in the process of trying to connect with him myself. Perhaps by reaching out to him he could provide you with some resources. I hope this is helpful.

David Ramos
Latino Leadership Circle

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