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September 08, 2005


Lars Rood

Ryan- Thank you for saying it the way you did. I have been struggling with the Evangelical churches allignment with all things Republican for a long time.



As someone who has, throughout the life of my blog, alternately been attacked as bowing to one party or another, when I was simply seeking to offer prophetic words, I cannot express how much I appreciate your thoughts here. Thank you!

Jordon Cooper

I think one of the reasons is that we no longer engage in ideas deeper than a partisan level anymore. The news media has reduced coverage and responses to a short 15 second sound byte and to best use those 15 seconds, people write off differening opinions with labels rather than engaging in them.

The church has done the same. Everytime I quote something by Campolo I read the comments that say, "tired old evangelical left" or Brian McLaren, "relativistic" even if it has nothing to do with Tony's politics and I have joked that if Brian McLaren commented on a baseball game the same old "Biblically relativistic" would still be used as a response.

Now that I have gotten all of my cynicism out of me, thanks for posting this, I appreciate it being said.

ryan bolger

Thanks for the affirmation and insights -- and yes, so many of us are given 'hats' that we do not want to wear. Maybe because it is easier to categorize people than to engage their ideas.

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