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September 02, 2005



Thanks for posting on the results of the class, Ryan. I'm encouraged that the students seemed to enjoy the time together so much. I like that your approach was intensely biblical and historical, and taught in such a way that students had to grapple with the biblical, historical, and cultural realities in order to write strategies that made sense in all three of those categories. Thanks for letting us know how it went, and I'm glad to hear that students were "raving" about a time of hard work and learning. I think your approach had much to do with that. They were learning by doing, not just listening.

Jason Clark

sounds amazing, wish I could have been there.


A very cool idea. As a campus pastor (and student of church history) I really liked the integration that occured. Thanks for the creative work (though I would really love to see samples of what someone came up with).

Whis Hays

This seems like a really exciting approach - no wonder the students raved. I may need to talk to you and steal, uh, borrow your design.

When I've taught on Mission Strategy we've looked at some of the Biblical and historical stuff, but not this way. And when we look at current business management/strategy tools, I make sure students are aware that the only mandate in the Bible for establishing goals, objectives, etc. is the mandate to "become all things to all people" (I Cor. 9:22). In other words, to those living in a coroporation-dominated culture maybe the best mission strategy is to deliver the Kingdom via a corporation-dominated mindset. Or you could argue that prophetic confrontation is God's thing for you to do. But whatever you choose, don't just blunder into it or do it because it's the fad or because we've always done it that way.

I love the way you've gone after this. Wish I could have been there!

John Draper

Great blog. I forwarded your link on Strategy to a friend "in charge" of new chuch starts, monthly forums where planters talk shop, etc. My point to him was that struggling with the whole expectation of stratgy may be what they feel, but it's got to be safe to talk about it. My job will be doing Acts 1:8 consultation with churches...so again how much strategy does one teach? Your dissertation topic on engaging powers for missiological advance--some of those concepts might need to be incorporated in whatever training we provide for churches stepping into the cross-cultural. Is tis kind of a take-off on the spiritual mapping approach of Dawson? ...Thanks for posting your thoughts and inviting a conversation.
~John Draper, Baltimore~

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