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September 12, 2005



totally agree about letting go of control; and I too am a big fan (and friend!) of Steve C.

But isn't it true that "texts" have always been split up, misquoted, re-parsed, reinterpreted, etc etc? Your average book quotes all kinds of bits and pieces of ideas from other places...

Wess Daniels

I agree with this idea in my experience Blogging is a great excersize in community dialogue, every voice is equal. No one is judged by what they look like, only one what they have to say and what interests they have, this is a much broader way of communicating. I have been recently telling some of my friends about blogging, and how it is much more than an online journal about "me." It works best when it is reflective and interactive, each reader tossing in their own thoughts, critiquing, suggesting, etc.

Rhett Smith


Great post...It's a scary thing to let go of control as a pastor, but very beautiful to watch those in the ministry embrace responsiblity, leadership...and to grow amidst the messiness sometimes.

ryan bolger

Thanks for stopping by...Great question!

I agree -- we humans grab snippets of this 'text' and that 'text' to cobble together our worlds. Even though one main text is being put forth as the text, we still have the power to pull from, quote, whatever parts we see fit.

I think what is novel about the web is the ease to which this is done. At this point in its short life, the web is inherently democratizing. The structures are there to foster these sorts of equal voices and to decentre the single authoritative voice. It is not that a hard-copy wikipedia could not have been put together ten years ago, but the structures required to do so were insurmountable and thus unthinkable. Folksonomies like del.icio.us give the individual much more support in creating an alternative voice to the mainstream texts.

Just my initial thoughts...

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I totally agree about letting go of control. That's a great info. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to see the future discussion on these points.

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Good points here, I agree with you concerning we need look no further than the liberating freedom that many experience within the web community.

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