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February 01, 2006



Ryan, that was cool to have Greg there. I enjoyed it.

Nice pix too! Who is that stud in the yellow?


Hey Ryan,
The Bridge is about a half hour from my house and I went there a few months ago. I was blown away... I sat at a table with two strangers, also visitors (who were there to talk about giving blood)and by the end of the evening we were friends...
I am now planting a church and the Bridge has helped inspire my imagination of what a church that revolves around community can be...
Just wanted to encourage the folks at the Bridge and say thanks for letting those of us who aren't in your class benefit from some much needed experience...
God's Peace, Rich

Existential Punk

Ryan, have you thought about podcasting your classes for the rest of us unfortunate souls who can't take classes with you and Eddie Gibbs?!

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