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March 31, 2007


RC of strangeculture

This is really interesting...I would love to hear you talk more about how this might happen or what this might look like...this is a really curious idea you are talking about, and left wanting more.

I found your sight via my friend jonsampson, but in reading about your sons connection to chris, wanted to let you know that Chris Sligh's blog can be found at the link i've left below, and maybe you and your son can reconnect that way. Mr. Sligh can be found here: http://frommymindtoyoureyes.blogspot.com/


What is interesting is that the Spirit is not limited by physical space or even our conception of time. Yet because of our limitations we always have been. A letter to a dear friend in need across the world might take months and months not too long ago. Now with skype and email and IM it can be just about free and instantaneous. This is is true in all aspects of mission, both outward and towards maturity.

This has hit me this year as I've gotten more involved at shoutlife.com which is a Christian myspace. It sounds like more of a bubble, but it's fascinating to me how it's serving more as a support network. Everyone has their own sphere of activity that is in many cases only partially church oriented yet that forum allows for a building of friendships and prayer groups and other kinds of inner-Christian support so as to better enable the broader mission.

For instance, the depression group there has about 500 members, many of whom have never found any support within Christian circles, and who are extremely gifted at reaching out to those the Church seems to ignore.

I've also had experiences in helping a woman avoid suicide, by joining with someone from Australia and someone from Tennessee, each of us playing a different role of encouragement and support.

With the shrinking of time and space we are able to grasp onto the work of the Holy Spirit in a more holistic, fluid, wide reaching way than ever before. It's really incredible.

God is doing a work, and he's using technology.


RC, I've written about this more in an article for missiology this year. I'll try to link to it when it can become public.

Thanks for sharing, Patrick -- that is really cool, I hadn't heard of that...


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thanks. it is really helpful to understand the difference and similarity between missional church and emerging church.
as i am a pastor in Japan, i think ideas of emerging churches fit better than, so called, church growth how-to-techniques.

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I just enjoyed the couple of minutes which i spent studying it and needed to leave a comment to mention that....Cheers

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