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April 26, 2007


John Fanous

Ryan, a few thoughts...

The questions you suggest for exegeting the community are great for two reasons: discovering the needs of the community, and inviting those who are already mission-minded (whether Christian or not) to join the church movement.

However, as an evangelist who wants to help people become missional, I find Rick Warren's questions helpful. They help me discern where people are at, how to start where they are at (speak their language), and invite them into a community that is not only missional, but a community that helps people transform into being missional.

In my limited experience, I have found that churches that focus solely on inviting people into a missional community without incorporating a process of _becoming_ missional either grow older and smaller over time, or they rely on other churches/para-church ministries to develop those people.

Just my two cents..

jared looney

Ryan, I love the last part of this review on asking Reign of God questions rather than marketing questions. Very helpful. This will linger with me. Thanks.


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