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April 03, 2007


Russ N.

Did you guys come up with any antidotes to selective amnesia? I'm one year into raising a teenage daughter and that seems to be my recurring issue. (for which I will not complain too loudly...)

Nick Connell

excellent post! i agree, ray. what a great use of time.


A good way to spend an evening... But I was struck at the end of your post how much in common your intended conversation was to the one you ended up having.

My persistent struggle with both myself and fellow travellers is how adolescent we are. In fact, I once asked Doug himself a question about personal and group responsibility and it's role in the Church, he responded by saying many of us have trouble being responsible for ourselves.

In your questions you seamed to be addressing issues of 'responsibility', and how as parents I/you/we can engender it... This feeds straight into the question "how do we/I engender a sense of responsibility within ourselves and our communities?", getting people to challenge themselves, and move away from convenient excuses?? But without turning ourselves into 'Parents'??


I have two 20something daughters and I still don't know how to raise teenage girls; except to say "just do it". We were always on them to make sure they got their homework done and came home before too late. But, somehow they just do grow up and the parent has less control than they would like to think they have.


I can't help think this was re-imagining church. You all just shared yourselves on a pressing topic. So much churchy thought is ponderous and systematized and theory. Three Christian guys hashing out a real issue sounds like the way a church should be. Simple and profound.


Great comments!

CA Sherman

If you're going to use my photograph's in your blog, the polite and correct thing to do is to give me credit for my own photos. I would certainly expect this out of a CHRISTIAN considering you used photographs of my own teenage daughter.

ryan bolger

to CA Sherman, re: the photo - i linked it back to your site -- my apologies if you wanted more than that...no offense intended...

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The conversations will always continue to go on. Just make sure you are apart of them and they are still in school. That is what's most important.

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