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August 13, 2007


Jamie Arpin-Ricci

Welcome back. I knew my daily visits would pay off eventually (wink).



Ryan, have you heard of the Wikiklesia project? http://www.lulu.com/content/1038570

Send me an email if you'd like a copy..

brad wright

The two week courses sound like a real grind... I get worn out by the six-week summer courses we have here.

Good luck!


I'm impressed, Ryan. You can post nothing for a while, then post saying you're still around, and you STILL get comments on THAT post! I'm pretty sure that makes you a blogging star...

Markus Watson

Heh heh... Right on, Jon!

Corky Alexander

I'm not engaging, I'm already married.


You don't really seem to be there Ryan after all! I'm guesisng you are busy in the real world and not the virtual world!


Great site!

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jared looney

Hey Ryan, you ever go to Soularize? It's in Nassau this October.

Larry Chouinard

It's probably time to define "I'm Still Here". The line has become a mere epitaph on a tombstone. Look forward to your resurrection!


Your blog looks nice. We talk about you often Mark and I. Time is always to short when we met.


Hi Ryan

I'm Phil, a Reader (ie Lay Minister)in an urban parish in the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool,UK. I was really glad to hear you describe Ian Mobsby as his 'usual amazing self' during his trip to Fuller last year.
Ian is going be at facilitating a half event-day event entitled "Discussions around Emerging Church" open to anyone in the Diocese on February 23 2008. The event will enable those with concerns re issues surrounding emerging church and those of us who feel that progress is sooooo slow and that more resources must be released.... and very soon...! Should be quite a day and I'm really looking forward to it. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!
I'm also one of five people from our church (St John and St James, Orrell Hey, Bootle) to be currently attending a one year Mission Shaped Ministry Course, run by Fresh Expressions which is the best course I have been on by far since I was licensed 14 years ago. It is proving deeply challenging and revealing and I already sense that my Reader Minitry, which has been somewhat static of late will take a changing,evolving and different course after the course finishes in Summer 2008.
Keep up the tremendous work you are doing both at Fuller and beyond! Phil


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