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June 09, 2008


Matt Stone

I particularly agree with your last sentence. Some time ago I wrote a post entitled "Can you be too incarnational" with the suggestion that the answer was no, that "properly understood that's akin to asking whether you can be too Christlike." Arguing over whether electric guitars or pipe organs are more biblical is an adventure in missing the point - both have to do with cultural identity. But we are called to a higher identity, to identity with Christ, the one who identified with the marginalized, who met people wherever they were at but did not leave them there. It strikes me that what we should be offering our culture is a "contextualized challenge". To say the gospel should be captive to any culture, high or low, is a shift away from salvation by Christ alone. To say the gospel should be disengaged from any culture is a step away from what Christ actually practiced.

brian hofmeister

I'm not sure how Kyle has discerned which culture or western era is most holy. Is it better to be Roman, Hellenist, or American? Medieval, Enlightened, or Modern?

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